16th Feb '14
by Kvasir Games

Nordic Game Jam 2014

We decided to take part in the Nordic Game Jam 2014, our third Nordic Game Jam so far! We were invited to give a talk together with Huggenheimer Games and the team that made the game Made in China, about making board games in 48 hours during game jams. We also spoke a little bit about producing and self-publishing our game Wanted: Igor!

Talk at NGJ14

We also made a game called Sci-Fi Samurai, a chaotic competitive game where players play as samurai that are given immortal life, but must fight each other to death. As the end of the world approaches, and the dragon is swallowing the sun and destroying the world, you must fight and earn the most honour points before the world is destroyed.

 Sci Fi Samurai NGJ14 Prototype